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December Update: Book, Lessons, and Instrumental Album Complete!

Over the past four months, we have been working on the lessons, book, music album, and documentary. Three of the four portions of the project are completed: lessons, book, and music album.

We wanted to say a special thank you to our contributors. Without you, this project would not have been possible. Please stay on the look out, as we will be delivering the first portion of the project to your doorstep!

The next part of the project to complete is the documentary! We are hoping to wrap up the editing within the next two months.

We have completed the following lessons:

1) "Trauma" by Dr. Anne Linn
2) "Burn Out" by Ralph and Judith Grauso, Worship Leader and PA Licensed Therapist
3) "Soaking and Meditation" Pastor Sandy Whary, Pastor of Harvest Worship Ministries
4) "Family" by Pastor James and Jennifer Solomon, English Pastors of Revival Christian Church
5) "Creativity" by Frank Finocchio, Guitar Luthier 

Soak and Trance: Volume I is completed and published!

Completed the Father's Heart, Father's Harp Instrumental Album

1) Father's Heart
2) Father's Harp
3) Sail
4) Walk
5) I Love You
6) Trance
7) Creativity
8) Receive My Presence
9) Tranquility
10) Trauma to Triumph
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