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July Update: Deadlines and Premieres

We are approximately halfway done with this project. We have the majority of the tracks laid, live musicians (harpist, synths, pianists) completed. Over the next month we will continue to finalize the tracks. The project book is ready to be edited and will be edited this month. The documentary and lessons are also over half-way done. We have done six interviews and have approximately four-five more interviews to complete. Our deadline for interviews is July 30th, with editing being completed August 28th.

Our vision for this project is to become a conversation starter for further investigation. This project can inspire communities, home groups, families, friends to come together, watch the film, the lessons, read the books and use them as studies to strengthen your connections with God and increase your overall wellness. If you are interested in hosting a home viewing or organization viewing, please contact us at, titling the subject "Home Premiere"

Official Documentary Trailer: God is Creator. God uses creative expression to commune and communicate with us to journey with us through life, singing over us in tragedy, speaking through nature, in quietness and stillness. This is a journey of many peoples’ expressions and how God has used creativity to speak to them. We hope this documentary stirs up conversation and contemplation on how you can communicate with the Master Artist, for you are His workmanship.

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