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the prinsloo's

Naphtali and Sarah Prinsloo

The Prinsloo's are a tight-knit duo living in central, Pennsylvania. Their sound is an unlimited compilation of influences from jazz to rap, folk to gospel.


The two do not believe in being confined to a genre - they prefer to test the limits of music and composition - with the goal of creating something fresh each track they make.


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Together with their daughter and son, they are living a life without limits, doing what they were created to do, because they serve a God that joyfully sings over and inspires them to spread His kindness to the world around them.


Naphtali Prinsloo is the founder of New Generation Family. He is an author, cinematographer, musician, and craftsman. Sarah is an author, artist, and musician. Naphtali and Sarah are the founders of The First Love Movement, founded in January 2017. The First Love Movement connects the Body of Christ throughout the nations in prayer, worship, and evangelism.

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